Bomber Restaurant History

The restaurant's theme is tied to the B-24 bombers that were made during World War II at the nearby Willow Run bomber plant. But the restaurant has gone through years of transition before arriving at its current salute to the area's aviation history.

The Bomber opened in 1936 as Baldwin's Diner. In the 1940s the name was changed to the Bomber; only to be discarded in favor of Bob's Barbecue in the mid- 1970s. Finally in 1986, the name Bomber returned and the current owner's John Sebestyen and Johanna McCoy purchased it in 1995.

"This place is turning into a museum," says Sebestyen gesturing to the military paraphernalia that now lines the walls.

Patrons have offered model airplanes, (24 now hang from the ceiling), historic photos, WWII memorabilia and other pieces of Americana to help with the restaurant's historical theme.

The Bomber is open 7AM - 3PM daily.


Johanna McCoy and John Sebestyen,
co-owners of the Bomber Restaurant

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